Monday, October 27, 2008

Our last day and flight home

10-8-08 - a loooooong day

I’ve been writing our Paris days on the flight home, having no time in Paris to write. So of course, they are not being posting until I can recoup from jet lag and see straight again at home-LOL!

We sleep until 7am being exhausted from the last couple days. Eat, listen to news, and pack. We decide to leave for the airport at 9:30 to give me plenty of time to negotiate the metro stairs carrying luggage. UGH, the 1,000s of stairs are so dang hard for me, I often struggled without carrying extra weight. Terry carried as much of my stuff as he could, but he can only be loaded down so much as well . . . he is an old fart man after all, he he!

3 metro stops and an hour later, we arrive at CDG, an airport we absolutely HATE! Once you pass security, there is no place to buy food or to spend your last Euros. You are stuck in a very small, gate seating area with no place to walk except to the bathrooms. At least our airports have food courts near the gates.

The first flight from Paris-Philly was 8 hours and on time. We were shocked to learn that on our arrival at Philly after going through customs, we had to EXIT security, recheck our bags, and go through the whole security riga-ma-roll again - GAH!!! That ate up all of our 2 hour layover time and put us to our gate with not much time to spare. Not to mention it was all just a big, PITA! This flight from Philly-LAX, is very bumpy and turbulent. It is hard to type between bumps and tired, scratchy eyes, so I will close for now.

To be continued when I get home . . .

Wow, that was fast, hehe.

Well, it’s now 10-10-08, we’re home and muddling through the jet lag. After being up for over 30 hours on our flights home, we still couldn’t sleep. We arrived home after 11pm, but our bodies were telling us it was 2pm and time to eat. We dozed off and on all night, starved! I finally got up at 5am, couldn’t lay in bed any longer, Terry soon followed. Yesterday was a long day as we tried to make ourselves stay awake and get caught up at home.

Bucky somehow scratched his eyeball while we were gone. Josh took him to the vet, who put him on antibiotics and eye cream. The ABX just finished but we are continuing with the cream . . . poor thing he looks pathetic with a half closed left eye, and his inner white eyelid covering his eye. He doesn’t seem in pain or bothered by it, so we will continue with the cream until it’s gone, and if it’s not better, I’ll take him back in on Monday.

So now I have one more entry to make about the trip. All the observations and weird stuff we always encounter along the way. Oh and how can I forget, the links to photos. We took about 3,000 of them and it will take time to sift through them, a job I won’t even start for a few days.

For those who have followed along, thanks and stay turned for more. : )

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