Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun with Mickey and Buzz at Disneyland Paris

10-6-08 Disneyland Paris
Up early, get ready, and go down to Rue Cler to buy patisseries and milk, mmmmm. 3 metro changes to the RER A train and almost an hour later, we are at Disneyland gates right at opening time of 10am. We decide to go into the Walt Disney Hollywood Studios first since we had never been.


We ride Tower of Terror, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, see Animagic puppet show, and then walk around and take photos. There is really nothing else to do there that we haven’t done elsewhere in other Disney parks, it is such a small park. We have lunch in the food court on their Main Street type movie studio. Just burgers and fries but decent.

We walk over to Disneyland, I notice a family standing in front of the Disneyland Hotel, which is also the entrance, with Mom taking the picture. I motion to let me take it of all of them, so Mom was happy. Sounded like they were German, they wanted to return the favor for us, so we finally have a photo of us at the entrance.


We enter the park, instantly admiring the European architecture. The Halloween decorations are already out with the same pumpkin men painting the park orange. They have had this same theme since our first visit in Oct. 2001. We still end up taking a few of us with them, we couldn’t resist since they are in funny positions.


We ride just about everything we want, the lines weren’t too bad, but more crowded that we had anticipated. Walked through every land, saw every attraction and took the Disneyland Railroad train completely around the park to rest our feet.

I didn't mind hearing Buzz speak French in the Buzzlightyear Blaster ride, but when I heard Mickey and Donald Duck speaking French in the Animagic show, it just didn't set right with me-LOL! It just sounded downright weird!

Thunder Mt. - one of our favorite rides at DLP. It is on an island, the train goes in a tunnel, under the lake at the beginning and end.

Today's photos

We were actually done seeing everything a little after 6pm, so decided to hop back on the RER train to Paris before everyone in the park did too at 7pm when they closed. We ended up walking into the Rue Cler and having dinner at Café du Marche, even though it is now after 7pm. Terry ordered a white fish, rice, salad and I ordered Roast chicken with carrot sauce and herbs, potatoes, carrots and salad - very good.

Back to hotel bushed and to bed.

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