Monday, October 27, 2008

Mr. Dollar, you can keep on going up

Woo hoo!

The Dollar - Euro exchange hit the .70 mark today, the best it's been in a looooong time.
One of our dollars = about 70 cents in Euro. When we made the final decision to seriously plan this trip in April, the exchange was .60. That number alone was almost the deciding factor if we could afford to take this trip. The way the dollar has been heading down, we assumed it would only get worse. Then our thinking was, well since it will only get worse, we better go now before it becomes unattainable.

So you think the 10% doesn't make much difference? Well it does, in big ways. First you figure the basic exchange you are already losing 30% of your spending ability (40% @ .60). Plus less high Europe VAT taxes not added in, their MUCH higher fuel prices and taxes since we will be driving, accomodations and the high taxes -- it all adds up quick when you're lopping off 10%.

Who knew that the good ole $$ would rebound up, especially with the economy in the crapper.
Whatever the reason, we'll take it.
Way to go, Mr. Dollar.

: )

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