Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally! Internet access

Almost a week in to the trip and we finally have internet access.
Although it is V-E-R-Y slow, I’ll only add the journal part, photos will have to come later.

We are still having problems with jet lag, eating and sleeping. We wake up at 2-3 am starving, which is our normal dinner time at home. I’m so screwed up time wise, I can’t even read my body when it is hungry or not. I think I’m not but once I start, I scarf. I know with the 9 hour time change, jet lag and tons of walking, neither one of us is eating enough to sustain. Terry is having milk withdrawls, since most of their milk is unpasteurized and sold in boxes, warm on the store shelf. Once in a while, we’ll pop into a store and we’ll find a liter sized bottle of cold milk and between the 2 of us we guzzle it – it tastes so good!

Plus our colds we got just before leaving, have flared up again, “blowing” through a box of Kleenex in no time - LOL! Today seemed to be better, but tonight will tell.

So far this is what I have:

9-15-08 Fly out
We leave for LAX airport at 5:00am to catch our 8:30am flight. We had a stopover in Philadelphia, just enough time to find the right gate and we were off again. I was able to nap about 1 ½ hours, first time ever on a plane, Terry didn’t sleep at all.

9-16-08 Arrive Paris
We arrived 40 minutes early but then ended up standing in customs line for an hour. Found an ATM to get some Euros, and had the information desk phone Autofrance for our shuttle pickup to get our car. The lease couldn’t be any easier, we signed some papers, they gave us the keys with a few quick instructions and we were on our way to the nearest gas station. Our car takes diesel, E1.40 per liter, which translates to about $6 per gallon and with the exchange rate about $8 per gallon – ouch! The gas station also had a small store ala 7-11, so we grabbed some snacks and drinks for the road.

The traffic going from the airport into Paris center is reminiscent of LA traffic – took us forever to get out of dodge. I did get a peek of the Eiffel Tower from afar as we drove the ring road. Once out on the highway, the traffic lifted and the landscape turned to farms and cows pretty quick. We drove to Caen to visit the Caen Memorial Museum which lasted a couple of hours. We probably didn’t enjoy it as much as we should have because the tiredness was setting in, we also grabbed a sandwich in their cafeteria. We left the museum and drove ½ longer to our B&B outside of Bayeux, a very peaceful, old farm with antique furnishings and a big room. There was a note on the door to please come in, everything was unlocked. It is now about 4:00, we unpack and settle in, as we smell heavenly food smells. Turns out, our B&B host also has a small restaurant for dinner only. Too bad we weren’t hungry, just tired! We turned in around 8:00, exhausted.

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