Monday, October 27, 2008

The Airport Blues

So tomorrow is the day - Yipppeee!
I'm nervous, excited, and sick to my stomach all at once.
Normal before-we-leave-jitters.

I hate flying, period. I break out in a cold hand sweat every take off and landing. Once we're up and going smoothly, I'm fine. But if we hit turbulence, uh oh, let the sweating begin again. You'd think as many times as I've flown, it wouldn't bother me, but it does.

The whole airport, check in, security routine is usually nightmarish for me. I'm always put through the ringer because of all my med schtuff, especially flying international. I've been bomb sniffed, scrutinized, analyzed, patted down, asked 50 questions, given the stink eye and even humiliated, having my underwear and every piece of clothing in my luggage turned inside out, searched and touched in front of other passing travelers. Arg!

Ha, ha - the last few paragraphs sound like I'm being arrested or something bad.

Really, I am looking forward to going, these are my tomorrow concerns only. From then on, I'm going to have a wonderful time.

Well, at least until we go to the airport to return home. ; )

See y'all when we return.

: )

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