Monday, October 27, 2008

Amboise - Our home base in the Loire Valley

9-20-08 Mt St. Michel to Amboise

We eat breakfast at 8am and are greeted by not only Max the kitty but also Luna, his female counter part who was not friendly, she was prissy & hissy, with a French accent – LOL!

The drive to Amboise took us on some pretty small, one track country roads. They are big enough for one car with no center lines. If another car approaches, you both pull over into the gravel and grass shoulder to pass each other. We kept seeing McDonalds signs but never saw one, they boast WIFI, so we were tempted to pull into one just to use it, we may still do that in the future if we continue to have no access at the B&Bs.

The drive was pleasant and about 4 hours. We stopped at a large grocery called Super U, which I suppose is their version of Walmart, but looking very 7-11ish. Sold some furniture, appliances, clothing, food, toys and soaps in very limited quantities. Bought more fruit and the much coveted COLD milk to guzzle.

We checked into the B&B, Ginette is a most gracious hostess. I wish I could say the same about her fox terrier, Ollie, he looked at me sideways, snarled and nipped at me but seemed to take to Terry just fine. Between Ginette’s little English, our little French and our trusty dictionary, we get along just fine. We unload and head into town to eat some lunch. It is now about 3pm, little did we realize that ALL restaurants are only open from noon-2:30 and then don’t reopen until 7pm for dinner.

Our Amboise B&B and the road leading to it

We finally found a little sandwich shop still serving, and had a doner kebab and fries. A kebab is lamb, shaved very thin and piled on a large, heavy bun type bread with sauce of your choice. Not what we really wanted, but it was good and filled the hole. We found the Laundromat, today being one of 4 wash days, and relaxed and visited with other Americans from Sacramento and Seattle. Back to the room for some much needed rest and settle in. Asked Ginette about internet access and she gave us an Ethernet adapter that works through the power outlets, and is similar to dial up. We try to send some emails but are having problems. I was able to post the first days of the blog though, so go figure.

The next 3 days will be jam packed running around the valley seeing all the aristocratic chateaus and castles.

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