Monday, October 27, 2008

A Free Day in Amboise

9-22-08 Amboise

We are pretty exhausted and decide to see just the one sight in town we both want to see – Chateau du Clos Luce.


This is the guesthouse built next to the Amboise Chateau, that Francois 1 offered to Leonardo Da Vinci to live in the last 3 years of his life, he died in the house. Francois 1 was a forward thinking King and paid Da Vinci to flee Rome and live there, giving him full reign of the house. All he wanted in return was to talk to and pick Da Vinci's brain, knowing what a genius he was. They became very good friends and Da Vinci painted and invented to his heart’s desires until his death. The house now displays some of his drawings, works and inventions built from his original drawings including, a parachute, helicopter, airplane, car, paddle boats, war machines, machine guns, tanks, etc.

More photos of Clos Luce and Amboise

We leave and start up the main drag of Amboise at 1:00, vowing not to miss the lunch hour. We popped into an Italian resto, Terry got gorgonzola spaghetti, me parmesan stuffed type tortellinis, in a soup type sauce – it was great and we ate every bit. We walked across a bridge over the river to a small island to get a good photo of the Amboise Chateau. We heard it was nothing special inside so opted not to visit. Strolled over to the famous choclatier in town, but everything looked to froo froo for our taste. Instead we went to the SuperMarche grocery and got a German Milka bar – YUM! – and more COLD milk and bananas.

Back to the B&B, to finally send our emails and for me to catch up and post the blog. Voila! Tomorrow, we will try to leave at 8am for the 4 hour drive to Oradour and Sarlat.

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